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Student For Educational Purposes 

We are offering a student microscope for educational purposes with all the attachments already attached and with a single eye viewer.
This is a standard classroom microscope featuring  a compact design and high resolution optics. Despite its price economy, it is designed to withstand years of hard use in elementary and high schools
  • Alluminium die cast body inclined 910degree on heavy base.
  • Separately coarse & fine motion with deep cuts rack & pinion rust proof. Extra stopper for safety of slide.
  • Triple revolving nose piece for quick change of magnification.
  • Fitted with abbe condenser and iris diaphragm.
  • Illumination by plano  concave mirror
  • Nicely packed in Thermocol Box/Thermocol buffer and wooden cabinet
For any other information, query or bulk order, please contact us.....

Student Microscope For Educational/Laboratory Purposes

SKU: SM_001
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  • 10x and 40x/45x SL

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